Behavior problems

Compulsive Behavior

in Dogs

Compulsive behaviors are repetitive sequences of behavior that are fairly

consistent in their presentation. They do not appear to serve an obvious purpose, although some argue that they function to reduce the dog's stress levels.

Guide to Behavior

Problems in Dogs

Even with obedience training and lots of love, some dogs develop bad habits. Here are some articles to help you learn about the potential problems that can occur and how to either stop the behavior or re-train your pet.

Medical Causes of

Aggression in Dogs

Aggression in dogs is most often

considered a behavioral problem. But, there are some medical conditions that

can also cause aggression. Determing

the cause of aggression will help in your dog's treatment.

When Dogs Get Too


In the canine world, aggression is a natural tendency that many dogs will experience at one time or another. The problem is instinctive. Although a myriad of issues may complicate the situation, when it comes down to it, they want to be “top dog.”

What does

your dog

do when home


If you are an average pet owner, you must have wondered what goes on to keep your dog amused during the day. And why does he look so guilty when you get home? Here are some things that might make you wonder just what goes on during the day.


your dog

12 General Rules for

Training Dogs

Canine Training

and Behavior

Can Your Dog Use

a Litter Box?

How to House-train

Your Adult Dog

Providing information that we hope will be useful to pet owners or potential owners. The information and advice provided are accurate and given in good


Dogs are complex creatures with their

own way of understanding and

communicating. By knowing why your pet

does what he does and why training is so


Although we naturally assume dogs

should be trained to relieve themselves outdoors, there are several circumstances in which a doggy litter pan can be both convenient and humane.

The first step in re-training acceptable toilet habits is to observe your dog

carefully in an attempt to establish a

pattern to his/her behavior. Keep a diary

of when and where accidents happen.


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